Goat Babies!

Gracie kidded a buckling and a doe on April 23, 2012! The buck is the cinnamon (bottom, left photo) and the girl is the tri-color (bottom, right photo). Both have blue eyes and are unbelievably cute!

The buckling has a dark stripe down his back and his legs are a tad darker as well. He also has a white blaze on his head and his underside. We'll sell him for $100. He should make a good herdsire, as he has a wonderful pedigree.

The doeling has got some real splashy coloring and frosted ears like her momma. We bet she's going to be quite the looker when she matures. We are very tempted to keep her, in fact.

Our Scarlett had a Cinco de Mayo buckling (top 2 photos). He has blue eyes and is a chamoisee pattern. He's got a cute black rear end and his underbelly is also black. He has an adorable big white blaze on the top of his head, too. He has a fabulous pedigree like his half brother and sister, born to Gracie (Scarlett's twin sister). We bred both sisters to the same buck, Twin Creeks Percius. His tremendous pedigree is detailed below. [DEPOSIT HAS BEEN PLACED BY JESSICA P. TO BE PURCHASED!]

All goats will be super friendly as they will be handled very often every day by my three kids, who just adore goat babies. All are disbudded.

The Dams of our three new babies are Gracie and Scarlett, and you can see  their pedigree here.

The Sire is Twin Creeks Percius, and you can check out his pedigree below his photo. You will see that both both parents have some show champs in their bloodlines. Percy was on loan to us through a relationship we have with 5 Points Farm. We hope to continue to use Percy and other great bucks that they own for our breeding program. We thank them for their expertise!

             Gracie's udder after kidding (not full as kids are on her)

Scarlett's Udder (before kidding)

                       Scarlett's udder a week before kidding

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